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Italy - The Eternal City of Rome
See where all the roads lead to...

Rome and its piazzas, fountains, monuments, ruins, churches, sculptures, bridges, little streets, gardens and thousands of other surprises...
Rzym, Wieczne Miasto, Roma, Rome, Ethernal City, caput mundi, rome sights
Historical center
Roman Forum, Foro Romano
Roman Forum
Exploring an ancient market place - political and economical centre of Rome during the Republic
Escape from the traffic and seek a shaded area in the biggest park of Rome, that is one of Europe's most elegant parks
Villa Borghese, Villa Borgese
Villa Borghese
palatine hill, palatinum, palatyn
Where everything started... High over the Tiber, overlooking the valley of the Forum - the city's earliest memories reside where Romulus's house was located
Picturesque medioeval neighborhood located on the west bank of the Tiber, charming place to wander, eat & relax... "Beyond the Tiber" easily captures the traveler's heart
Zatybrze, Trastevere, Beyond the Tiber, across the tiber
Rzymski cmentarz Verano, Cemetery of Rome, Cimitero Verano
Verano Cemetery
The monumental cemetery of Verano, particular and for sure worth to see as one of the most beautiful, spiritual and interesting sites of Rome...
The Queen of Roadways. Ancient Europe's first highway connecting Rome with Brindisi. In my opinion absoluteley MUST SEE of Rome:)
Via Appia Antica, Antiche vie di Roma, Appian Way, Parco Regionale dell'Appia Antica, Regina Viarium, the queen of roadways
Via Appia Antica
under constuction
Under Construction
Lazio & Rome surroundings... Make a refreshing break (1 day trips from Rome)
The villas of Tivoli, Etruscan necropolies, lakes and fabulous cities on the rocks... See what Lazio can offer
to the tourist tired with the the chaos, noise and pollution of the Ethernal City
Impressive concentration of fabulous renaissance fountains, nymphs, grottoes, plays of water, and music. Masterpiece of the Italian Garden. Probably the most beautiful villa in all of Italy.
A definite MUST SEE!
Villa d'Este, Villa deste Tivoli, Este
Villa d'Este
Bagnoregio, Miasto ktore umiera, La citta che muore, Umierajace miasto
Civita di Bagnoregio
The Dying Town of Civita di Bagnoregio. Perched on top of a tuff-hill that is crumbling away, slowly but inexorably. A mysterious and fabulous burgh of 8 inhabitant full of surprises, where time really seems to have stopped...
A charming medioeval village on top of a calc-tuff hill and made of that stone. At present the most particular artists' enclave near Rome
Jezioro Bracciano, Bracciano Lake, Lago di Bracciano
Bracciano Lake
Situated in the complex of crateric cavities of the ancient Sabatini volcanos is one of the cleanest lakes of Italy. Drinking water reservoir for the city of Rome
An exceptional complex of classical buildings created in the 2nd century A.D. by the Roman emperor Adrian. Masterpiece that uniquely brings together the highest expressions of the material cultures of the ancient Mediterranean world
Villa Adriana, Hadriana Tivoli
Villa Adriana
Antico porto di Ostia Antica
Ostia Antica
Rome's own preserved ancient town called the Rome's Pompeii. The beautifully preserved ruins of an old harbour of the Romans, all to discover...
The medioeval walled hilltown that retained more papal coats of arms than any other town of the former Papal State
Viterbo. Miasto najbardziej rzymskie po Rzymie, Orvieto dei Papi
Bomarzo, Sacro Bosco, Villa delle Meraviglie, Park potworow, Park of Monsters, Potworny Park
The park of Monsters. Built as "Villa of Wonders" to be the only one of it's kind in the world...
Small town scattered over the wooded slopes of the Alban Hills and circular shape of Lake Nemi. The city of delicious strawberries;)
Nemi, Castelli Romani, Strawberry
Tolfa, Monti di Tolfa
Tolfa clings to the Mountains by the same name in an environment of rare beauty among hills covered with majestic and silent woods, and green meadows dotted with rocks where cows and horses graze freely
The Necropolis of Banditaccia represents the most important and famous Etruscan cemetery area, with tombs dating back to the period between VII and the III century B.C. Discover the 'streets' of tombs that are like houses with inter-connection rooms built into the tuff
Cerveteri Nekropolia etruska, Etruscan Necropolis
Sutri Nekropolia etruska, Etruscan Necropolis
One more etruscan necropolis with dozens of rock-cut tombs plus impressive amphitheatre, completely carved out of local tuff stone
The earliest archaeological remains of 9th century BCE Villanovan (Iron Age) worth to see for its unique painted tombs
Tarquinia Nekropolia etruska, Etruscan Necropolis
Greccio, Monastero di Greccio, San Francesco
Sanctuary of St. Francis attached to the rock from which holm-oak woods emerge, notable as the place where, in December 1223, St. Francis devised the first living crib
One of the most important areas of historical interest of the Tyrrhenian coast as it lies on the site of the ancient Roman-Etruscan settlement of Pyrgi
Santa Severa, Castello di Santa Severa, Pyrge
Santa Severa
Wyspa Ponza, Island, Isola di Ponza
Italy's secret... The largest of the Pontine Islands with blue waters and a striking mountainous landscape. Could be seen as a less-spoilt and cheaper version of Capri
A taste of history&art in a Benedictine Monasteries of Subiaco. Silence and solitude create a wonderful environment for those who seek peace and quiet
Subiaco, Subbiaco, Monastero di Subiaco, San Benedetto
Important port on the Roman Appian Way. Today a nice seaside resort with a long sandy beach, historic old town and a ruined Roman temple of Jupiter high above the sea
Campania. Probably the finest coastlines in Italy...
Where is maybe the only case in the world where the panoramic view over the town on your back is more beautiful
that the one you have on the front, facing the sea...
An ancient city frozen in time by a volcanic eruption is one of the most significant proofs of Roman civilization and, like an open book, provides outstanding information on the art, customs, trades and everyday life of the past
Pompeje, Pompei, Scavi
Wezuwiusz, Vesuvio, Vulcano
A volcano to be respected. A mountain to love... The only active volcano in continental Europe, the most populated and the most extensively studied volcano on Earth
Overlooks the sea with its characteristic set of white houses on the rocks, narrow streets among arches&ancient towers. Characterized by enchanting panoramic views and cliffs rising sheer from the sea. One of the 4 'Repubbliche Marinare'
Amalfi, Costiera Amalfitana, Amalfi coast
Positano, Costiera Amalfitana, Amalfi Coast
The pearl of the Amalfi Coast. Narrow streets go down quickly among colorfull buildings and all flow on the Spiaggia Grande. MUST SEE of Campania!
Situated up on the mountain, overlooking the coast from Maiori to Amalfi, famous for its views and its gardens. The town was once part of the Republic of Amalfi, now it is a peaceful historic village
ravello, costiera amalfitana
naples, napoli, neapol
The third most-populated city in Italy. Naples is music, theatre, Vesuvius, coffee, pizza and the sea. All those colors, sounds and aromas that capture tourist attention
A real Eden with a gentle climate, delightful beaches, colorful buildings clinging to the rocky slope. The architectural value of its monuments, the beauty of the landscape and of the seaside, its traditions and food have made it an incomparable place... Italian Paradise...
Capri island, Isola di Capri
Montecassino, Monastero, Monte Cassino, Abbey, Polish cemetery
A rocky hill noted as a place of major battles towards the end of II World War, Polish Cemetery and impressive Benedictine Monastery
Ligury. Home to Belle époque...
An endless balcony with a seaview from the front, and a compact wall of mountains behind plus exceptional climate all year round
Walkers' paradise. Five villages suspended between sea and earth, castled up on stone spurs in minuscule creeks or disposed in clusters of very small inlets, surrounded by green hills. Unique landscape in which man and nature live together in harmony since the beginning of time
Cinque Terre, Vernazza, Monterosso, Manarola, Corniglia, Parco Nazionale delle Cinque Terre
Cinque Terre
Genua, Genova, Genoa
The gateway to the sea. The main Italian port and one of the biggest in Europe, born around the VII B.C. full of medioeval, romanic and gotic buildings and churches, known as the birthplace of Christopher Columbus and more recently for its Aquarium
The second city for importance of Tigullio Gulf and a nice seaside resort
Picturesque, half-moon shaped seaside village with pastel houses lining the shore of the harbor. Known resort of the rich and famous;)
Tuscany. The green heart of Italy...
Best food & wines, historic towns, some of the world's greatest works of art, rolling hills covered with olive groves and vineyards, scatterings of villas and farmhouses... Discover its fabulous rolling landscape complemented by towns overflowing with Mediaevel and Renaissance art and architecture
The city of Renaissance spreads on the banks of the Arno river
Florencja, Florence, Firenze
Val d'Orcia, W sercu Toskanii, In the heart of Toscany, Tuscany, Val Dorcia
Val d'Orcia
In a green heart of Tuscany... A marvelous landscape of never-ending hills, grain fields, and streams, with rich clay and tufa soils, the Valdorcia is the real icon of Tuscany, a natural setting of extraordinary beauty
Called The Little Jerusalem.
Seems to be come out from a fairtale. It appears to have grown from the stone of this wildly beautiful promontory, bounded by green valleys crossed by the Lente and Meleta rivers
Pitigliano, uno dei borghi piu belli d'Italia, La Picolla Gerusalemme, Little Jerusalem
Sovana, Toscany, Toscana, Tuscany
Gorgeous, small medioeval town with little more than a single street... one of the richest and most interesting areas of Etruscan archaeology and prehistoric settlements in Italy considered as one of the most singular and fascinating spots in southern Tuscany
The city of beautiful towers rich in history, art and culture surrounded by the splendid Tuscan countryside
San Gimignano
San Gimignano
A little mediaeval Tuscany town surrounded by its virtually intact curtain walls and fourteen towers
One of Italy's best preserved medioeval towns, located in the heart of Tuscany, rich in history, art and popular traditions
Siena Val d'Orcia
under constuction
Under Construction
Umbria & Marche. Where the time stopped...
The mysterious, green land of the Saints where medioeval mysticism and mysteries of the Dark Ages are rising
over the rolling hills dotted with castles, fortresses and monasteries
Defined as 'the most beautiful medioeval city' of Europe. This compact masterpiece of medioeval civilization is one of the most ancient towns of Umbria. Staying here is like going back 1000 years in time. In each house, in every street one breathes a medioeval atmosphere that is accentuated by its typical tartufo cuisine and its excellent wine
spoleto, The Festival dei Due Mondi, Festival of Two Worlds
Peaceful hilltown with a beautifull castle and cathedral, interesting sights and pleasant walks. Place of The Festival dei Due Mondi
Small hill town experienced a great cultural flowering in the 15th century remains one of the most important towns in the Marche for the tourist in search of great Italian art and architecture
Groty Pastena, Pastena Caves
Pastena Caves
Impressive river cave with huge passages, visiting it will give you both the chance of satisfying a naturalistic curiosity and the possibility of a spiritual experience
Assisi, with the 13th-century Basilica di San Francesco, which contains sacred relics of Francis and beautiful early Renaissance frescoes of his life, with its Roman ruins, winding medioeval streets and sacred shrines. Discover the major Catholic pilgrimage destination for centuries
Asy¿, Assisi
Orvieto Katedra, Cathedral, Catedrale di Orvieto, Underground City of Orvieto
...So ancient that it's early history is uncertain. Remarkable not only for it's wonderfull cathedral but first of all for it's location as Orvieto occupies a slowly crumbling butte of volcanic tuff, riddled with hundreds of caves, wells and tunnels of every period from Etruscan to medioeval to 17c and later... Slowly crumbling away...
Abruzzo. Rugged and intact beauty, wild and unknown...
Hilly and mountainous with ancient beechwood forests inhabited by wolves and bears and peaks which often are higher than 2000 meters.
Witness of an age-old Italian lifestyle that has not changed for centuries
The breathtaking, highest castle in Europe, 1460 m above sea level! A MUST SEE of Abruzzo!
Rocca di Calascio
Rocca Di Calascio
The Gran Sasso, great stone, Parco Nazionale del Gran Sasso, Monti della Laga, Corno Grande, Corno Piccolo, Pizzo Intermésoli, The Sleeping Giant, Calderone glacier, Gran Sasso d'Italia, the massif of Laga, Monti Gemelli
Gran Sasso
Aerial photos of the highest peak in the Apennines and Gran Sasso e Monti della Laga National Park. Enjoy a unique view!
The best base for exploring the Abruzzo National Park, one of the most ancient natural parks of Italy
Pescasseroli, Abruzzo

Under Construction
Some other places of north Italy ...
Trentino Alto Adige and Veneto breathtaking sights, among them my second, after Civita di Bagnoregio,
favourite place in Italy - Venice
La Serenissima, Queen of the Adriatic, city of canals, The Place... Water and land, long history and doubtful future, airy delicacy and dim melancholy. If this precious place does sink, the world will be the poorer...
Wenecja, Venice, Venezia
Poludniowy Tyrol, South Tyrol, Sud Tyrol, Tirol
South Tyrol
A region of outstanding beauty, of craggy mountains and green Alpine valleys. Best place to enjoy a good life, in all its forms...
Ever mountain landscape is beautiful in its own way, the Dolomites are like the precious stones of an old familly ring - they have that something extra...
Dolomity, Dolomites, Dolomiti
Jezioro Garda , Desenzano, Cola, Garda Lake
Garda Lake. Cola.
Beautifully embedded between high mountains, olive groves and vineyards. The region around the Lake is Alpine and Mediterranean at the same time stupefies by its variety of countryside, vegetation and culture

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